Stainless Steel Scoop
Stainless Steel Scoop
Stainless Steel Scoop
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Stainless Steel Scoop

€9,90 (30gr capacity)

Stainless steel

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Forget about plastic scoops. No more plastic pollution. Our stainless steel scoop is a one-time addition to your line-up and can be used over and over again. One scoop contains 30gr of powder, so it is perfect for our Change™ Protein. It can be stored in your protein packaging, is made of foodgrade stainless steel, and not to forget dishwasher safe!

  • Made of food grade stainless steel
  • Contains 30gr per scoop
  • Laser engraved with our CS logo
  • Dishwasher safe

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  • Returns accepted within 30 days
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Scoop once. Enjoy endlessly.

Use your scoop a lifetime

“We are on a mission to make your protein experience better and at the same time more sustainable. A stainless steel scoop is our first step in reducing plastic unnecessary scoops.”

Tim Dekens - founder

Our scoop is great for dosing Change™ Protein.

Our plant-based products are developed in collaboration with food experts and top athletes. The experience of a delicious protein product is enhanced by simplicity. Our Change™ scoop can contain 30gr of protein, meaning that one scoop equals one portion. No more double-scooping and guessing.

This is it. No secrets.

  • Properties
  • Material
  • Safety & usage
RVS scoop
30gr content
Laser engraved logo
Dishwasher safe

Food grade stainless steel 18/8 (Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI type 304) made from 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Stainless steel is naturally safe and doesn't need any further process to make it harmless when in contact with foods and drinks.

Use the scoop to add protein to your shake. Add 200-300ml of water or plant-based milk in your shaker, add one portion (30gr) of protein powder using the scoop, insert the mixer ball, close shaker and shake.

Our scoop is dishwasher safe. It can also be cleaned by hand using lukewarm water with a little bit of soap. In any case dry thoroughly after cleaning. Do not place the scoop in the microwave.

Country of our supplier / Manufacturing
China / China

We want you to ask questions.

How do I use the scoop?

Use the scoop for your protein. Add 200-300ml of water to your shaker, add one serving (30g) of protein using the scoop, close the shaker, and shake.

Why stainless steel?

To reduce the amount of plastics, our protein comes without a plastic scoop. We want to offer you a durable solution which you can use over and over again.

What is the best way to clean the scoop?

Our scoop is dishwasher safe. It can also be cleaned by hand using lukewarm water and a bit of soap. Dry thoroughly after cleaning.